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Ehsaas is the biggest and boldest programme ever launched in Pakistan to uplift marginalized people.

  • Scale: It is currently an umbrella initiative of 134 policies and programs, and the list is growing
  • Multisectoral character: 34 agencies of the federal government and all federating units are tasked to implement Ehsaas
  • Breadth and depth: Ehsaas addresses state capture, social protection, livelihoods and human capital development
  • Process of formulation: 23 consultations were held over a 45-day planning period; 359 experts were formally consulted
  • Governance and integrity Policy: The process of implementing Ehsaas began with the Governance and Integrity Policy
  • Institutional arrangements: A new division has been created to implement Ehsaas and there will be a formal mechanism of engagement with the private sector
  • Funding: for social protection has been doubled despite financial constraints

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