Contact Consulate

How can I reach the Pakistan Consulate in emergency, after office hours and closed holidays?

You can reach us at (852) 6732 5455 after office hours and closed holidays in real emergencies. You can also reach us via Facebook Page at “Pakistan Consulate Hong Kong SAR”.

Can I get any information on consular services, trade or media by return email? How can I provide suggestions /feedback?

Please email at for all kinds of queries, suggestions or feedback

Does the Pakistan Consulate have any social media sites to get connected?

Yes, you can connect with us via our Facebook page ”Pakistan Consulate Hong Kong SAR” or via Twitter: @PakConHk

Can I send my visa application or other document attestations, which address can I post my application?

The consular service requests can be sent either to physical or postal address of: Consulate General of Pakistan Address: 803-04 Tung Wai Commercial Building, 8th Floor, 109-111 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Consular Services

What kind of Consular Services can I avail at Pakistan Consulate General of Pakistan?

We handle consular services such as new Passport (MRP), Visas (Business/Tourism/Work/Study, Renunciation of Pakistani citizenship, Power of Attorney, Attestation of documents (birth certificate, marriage/divorce certificate, domestic helpers, translations), verification of Pakistani Driving License, Police Character Certificate etc.

How can I check the status of my requisitions such as Passport, Visa, Renunciation Certificate, Birth registration, Power of Attorney, Driving License, Documents attestation etc.

For all kinds of inquiries please contact at (852) 2827 0681 during office hours. Passports’ status is updated on our Facebook Page twice a week. Please check with your Token No. @ ”Pakistan Consulate Hong Kong SAR”, Facebook page.

How can I pay the Consular fees?

Consular fee can only be paid in CASH at the time of submission of documents at counter. Passport fee is paid at National Bank of Pakistan, Hong Kong or Kowloon branch – (may include separate bank handling fees).

Passport (MRP)

Who can I apply for a new Pakistani passport?

For MRP and Visa, ONLY the Pakistan origin residents of Hong Kong, Macao SAR and Taiwan should apply to Consulate General of Pakistan in Hong Kong SAR.

Is it necessary to show original valid CNIC/NICOP with the MRP application?

Yes, production of original valid CNIC/NICOP for MRP is a must.

How long does it take to make the Passport from Hong Kong?

For a standard passport of 36 pages, urgent fee (HK$500), the processing time is 10 days. For ordinary fee (HK$300), the processing time is 21 days.

How long does it take to renew MRP?

Ordinary machine-readable passports are issued within 25 working days and urgent within 10 working days

Why the applicant has to appear before the Passport Official at Consulate for applying passport?

Because, the official needs to take applicant’s photo, data and the thumb impressions at the designated system at Consulate.

Why it takes longer for issuance of duplicate passport in lieu of lost passport?

Because the case of lost passport has to be referred to the issuing authority for verification/confirmation of the lost passport. A fresh passport is issued only when the confirmation is received. This process might take a few weeks.

Why does the Mission demand current visa status for renewal/issuance of passport?

It is required to confirm the legal status of the applicant.

What is the requirement concerning photograph for issuance of MRP?

No photograph is required. Photos are taken when applicants appear in person.

Where should I pay fee at renewal of my passport

Passport fee is accepted ONLY at National Bank of Pakistan, Hong Kong. Please visit NBP Kowloon (Address: (Jordan MTR Exit D), 208-212 Nathan Rd, Jordan, Phone: 2369 7355) or Hong Kong Island (Address: Units No.1801-1805, 18/F, ING Tower, 308-320 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong, Phone: 2521 7321) for payment of appropriate fee.

What documents I need to make new passport?

Valid CNIC/NICOP, Hong Kong ID or Visa, Fee Voucher from NBP and your current passport. Please bring copies of the aforementioned.

Is there any special requirement for Passport application of minor/children?

Yes. All applicants under the age of 18 years are required to be presented by both parents in person at the time of application. Original passports/NICOP/B-Form also required for processing the application. Parents must also produce their original passports/IDs.

Visa for Pakistan

Can I get visa earlier by paying urgent fee?

There is no urgent fee for visa, however, all efforts are made to keep the processing time to minimum.

For more details please visit the link Pakistan Visa


Should I apply for NICOP/POC through Pakistan Consulate in Hong Kong?

The NICOP/POC applications can only be applied ONLINE via No application is accepted at the Consulate.

Child Registration

Is it necessary to register a new born at Consulate?

Under the Pakistan Citizenship Act of 1951, all Pakistani Citizens are required to register their children, who are born abroad within one year of their birth

What is the time limit for registration of Pakistani children born outside Pakistan?

Under the Pakistan Citizenship Act of 1951, all Pakistani Citizens are required to register within one year of their birth. Beyond one year, the child can be registered by the Mission only after obtaining NOC from the Ministry of Interior, Islamabad, which may take 4 to 5 months.

Power of Attorneys (POA)

Can I make my POA on a plain paper instead of stamp/legal paper?

The applicants living abroad are not required to present their POA on stamp/legal paper and, therefore, can prepare it on plain paper.

Should I make attestations from any Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan government offices prior to attestation from Pakistan Consulate?

Yes, the attestation of all PoAs from the Home Offices, High Court and the office of Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in Hong Kong are required before attestation from Pakistan Consulate.

What is the fee for attestation of Power of Attorney? How can I pay?

Fee is HK$70 per documents. Fee is paid in cash only at the consulate.

How much time it takes to get PoA attested?

We return attested copies on the same day if submitted before 1230hours. Otherwise done on the following day.

Can I get my Power of Attorney (POA) attested without visiting the Consulate?

For citizens (with valid Passport/CNIC/NICOP) the applicant has to physically turn up at the Consulate General of Pakistan in Hong Kong and sign the POA in front of the Consular staff concerned.

Attestation of Documents

What kind of documents I can get attested from Pakistan Consulate?

All kinds of documents issued by the Government of Pakistan and the Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir are attested from Pakistan Consulate. They include birth certificates, family registration certificate, B-form, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, Police character certificate, passport, CNIC/NICOP/POC, domestic helpers forms etc.

What is fee for each attestation? How much time you take to attest?

Fee is HK$70 per document. It takes one working day in case the documents are already attested by Ministry of Foreign affairs Pakistan. Otherwise, more time is required for attestation from Pakistan.